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About friends

This photo above was designed by Josephine.
The followings pictures was designed by Christine:
This is the article that wrote by Kok Eng.
Translation: Christine
Hello everyone, this is a memorable article that states about we studying and learning two years together and having funs together. I just wrote according to the impression in my mind. If not well written, please forgive me, if well written; please leave your comment here. Give some encourage to me! If there is any error or need any correction, can leave your message here! 首先,我要为大家介绍的是本班的美女团。由七位有气质的美女们组成,成员如下:
First of all, I would like to introduce the Beauty Group in our class. It formed by the seven beautiful girls, below is the following members: Joanna – 个子矮小的她,有着飘逸的长发,头发中分,脸上充满笑容。很热心,为人和善。此外,身位王力宏迷的她,,似乎对王力宏的资料了如指掌,一看到他就会尖叫加失控,即使破坏本身的形象,也在所不惜。她虽然是追星一族,成绩也相当特出。由此可见,并不是追星族的人,就不会读书的。
Joanna – She is not that tall, with long flowing middle hair, her face full of smiles. She is very enthusiastic and kind person. In addition, be a Lee Hom fans, she seems very well aware the information of Lee Hom, she will has a scream that would out-of-control if she meet Lee Hom, even will destroy the image of itself, but she will not care about it. Although she likes to see the singer but her exam results are quite outstanding. Ivian – 身高应该是160至170之间吧!也是留着长发,最近还把头发烫直了呢!我想广告商会对她的头发感兴趣,找她代言洗发水广告,或许哪天会在电视广告里看到她呢!此外,成绩优秀的她,办起事来非常认真,理解能力一级棒,深得老师的喜欢,也是本班最年轻的一位。
Ivian – Her height is between 160-170cm! She keeps a straight long hair, recently she has just making the rebounding on it! I feel that the advitisers will have the interest on her hair, find her to do the endorsement of shampoo, may be one day we can saw her on the TV. Haha! In addition, she having a good result in college, do everything seriously, good understanding, so every lecturer also like her so much. Furthermore, she is the youngest in our class. Yeong Li –是本班女生中,最高的一位。家境富裕,容易相处,据闻和Tan Chee Keong 的关系很好,常常和他有说有笑。在临毕业的时候,也是她提供很好的相机,把我们的回忆一一的拍下来,因为有她,我们才有那么多漂亮的照片。她可是我们班的Camera girl.
Yeong Li - is the highest one in the group. She borned in a rich family and easy to mix your topic with her. Heard that she having a good relationship with Tan Chee Keong, they can talk a lot and share their things together. For the last few days before we graduate, she is the one who provide a good camera to capture all of the memories.Because of her, we have so many beautiful photos. She is the professional camera girl in out class. Mooi Kheng – SEM 1还留着长头发,不懂何时把一头长发剪掉,真佩服她的勇气。若给其他女生,可能会接受不了长发变短发吧!自从长发变短发后,觉得女人味十足,变得较为活泼了!她或许也可以成为护肤品的代言人哦!因为她的皮肤很白皙,女生们都很羡慕呢!
Mooi Kheng - SEM 1 she still keeps long hair, don’t know when she cut short her hair, really admire her courage. If for the other girls, they might not be accept for changing the long hair into the short hair! Since she having a short hair long, she full of feminine, has become more active! Perhaps she could also be the spokesman for skin care oh! Because of her fairer skin, many girls are admiring her! Hooi Xuan – 感觉她并不多言,很沉默,即使说话,也只有靠得近的人才能听到。或许,她在外人眼中比较文静,但只要和Gwen在一起,就变成另一个人,我想Gwen和她有着同一种调调吧!她有着迷人的眼睛,眼睛一直充满电力,和她说话,可不要看她的眼睛,不然会被电晕呢!她是个万人迷,很多学长们都常常对她搭讪,想和她做朋友呢!
Hooi Xuan – She did not say much, keep silent, even in speech, the one who near her can listen her only. Perhaps, her relatively quiet in the eyes of an outsider, but as long as she and Gwen together, she becomes another person, may be she has the same topic with Gwen only! She has a pair of charming eyes so a lot of friends want to be friend with her. They wish someday Hooi Xuan will be their partner. Gwen –女人味十足。皮肤较为黝黑,或许是个阳光女孩哦!有点cool的她,不笑的时候,感觉很像大家姐呢!我想她可以成为美女团的团长呢!但是笑起来,却变得比较平易近人。喜欢ROXY的她,英文顶呱呱呢!据说对华语,较为不熟悉,在此先道个歉,本人英文水准差,无法以英文形容您。
Gwen - full of feminine. Having a darker skin, perhaps she is a sunshine girl! She a little bit cool, when she does not laugh, she looks like a sister in the group! I think she can be the head of this Beauty Group! When she laugh, she will become more approachable. She likes ROXY and her English is really good! First, I would want to apologize here because I am not so good in translating Chinese to English, but I had tried my hard to do it! Hope you will understand. Fujin –不懂何时加入了美女团,甚少打扮的她,较为文静,言行举止都很斯文。对于她,因为本人不太熟悉,无法做太多的形容,因此,我只说说外表而已。请多多包涵。熟悉她的朋友们,可以留言下来哦!
Fujin – Don’t know when she had joined the Beauty Group. She is quiet, very gentle in all her action. Because I did not know much on her, so I couldn’t express so much. I will only talk more about the appearance. Please forgive me. The one who are more familiar with her, can leave your comment here! Thanks. 接下来,为大家介绍的是本班的唯一马来人
Next, I will introduce the only Malay in our class. Gelinda –英文很流利,较为有印象的是在SEM 1的presentation中,讲得很好,充满感情。连Mr.Beh都称赞她呢!爱吃零食的她,常常看到她手中会拿着一包包的Mammi,和Cloud 9呢!
Gelinda – She is fluent in English, I having more impressive is the presentation of SEM 1, she has presented very well, full of feelings. She even had been praised by Mr.Beh! She likes to eat snacks; I often see her hands holding a packet of Mammi or Cloud 9! Am I wrong? 接下来,出场的是本班的和善团
Next, is the Good Corporation Group. Tahnee –身高中等,皮肤还蛮白的。身材很好的她,都是女生中的羡慕对象!听说,因为她的头发关系,让别人有种像看到F4的仔仔一样。她可是在自恋界的排名名列前茅的哦!任何帅哥猛男都逃不过她的双眼,常常会自己发白日梦,梦见自己有天可以和白马王子在一起!在此祝她早日美梦成真哦!
Tahnee - Medium height, having a quite fair skin. Many girls are envy with her beautiful body shape! Because of her hair, she looks like Vic in F4. She can be the top ranked in the narcissistic sector! Any muscular guy will not escape from her eyes, she often dreaming, hope that one day she can find a Prince Charming! So at here I wish her dream come true as soon as possible! Li Fern –常常欺负jojo的她,却有着乐于助人的性格,对所有人都十分关心!而且她在班总是离不开那件浅蓝色或粉红色的外套。虽然偶尔她在班有些特殊情况发生,有时甚至搞得我们不知所措,但是我们真的很关心她!在此特别叮咛您要照顾健康哦!我们的班里可不能没你这位乐于助人加上爱欺负jojo的人哦!
Li Fern – She often bullied josephine, but she is a helpful girl. She very concerned everyone! She is always wearing the light blue or pink jacket in the class. Although she will occasionally happen some special cases, and sometimes we do not know what to do, but we really care about you! So hope that you can take care your health. Our class cannot less one helpful girl like you and people who like to bully Josephine! Haha… Glady –此人很特别,她的外表一直都在改变,从发型,服装,指甲等,都发现很多的变化!由此可见,她是个爱打扮的女生。据说她还和我们班的中国生们感情很好,充当导游,带领着中国生们,到各处去玩,各处去吃。看来她可是个活生生的旅游杂志哦!大家要多珍惜她的存在。此外,喜欢指甲彩绘的朋友也可以向她学习哦!
Glady - Her appearance has been changed for many times, from hair, clothing, nails, etc… She having a good relationship with our China friends, she serves as tour guides and bring along them to play around and eat around. We have to cherish her presence. In addition, she likes nail painting! For those who are interested can learn from her! Wayne – 在本班男生当中,他似乎是最瘦弱的一位。但是别看到身子瘦小,脑袋却装满了很多知识,他的写作文采很好,也有着艺术家的血统,画起画来可真叫人佩服不已。成绩优秀的他,却对于现在他所读的课程并不喜欢。据说在毕业后,他会朝着他的理想出发,不会再一直被人控制。在此本人很欣赏他的勇气,也祝福你能如愿以偿,希望往后在艺术界了,能听到你的名声。
Wayne – He is the only boy in the group, he seems so thin among the boys in the class. Although he looks so small but his brain was fulled with knowledge, he has talent in writen, also have the artist's origin. We really admire on his painting. He having an outstanding achievements, but he seems dislike the course of accounting. After the graduation, he will proceed towards his ideal, he dislike to be controlled, he wants his freedom. I very admire in his courage, and bless you too, I hope that you would be the famous artist. After that, please don’t forget us!! 随着,将为大家介绍的是本班的八卦团.
Next, is the Gossip Group. Sherlyn –身位八卦团的成员,她的工作岗位是负责收集情报,任何消息她都能打听得到。不论是政治,财经,娱乐新闻,她都无一不晓,任何风声都不能逃过她的双耳。别看她在班上文静似的,当她的眼神落在你身上时,那一切已经太迟了,因为你已被她看透得一清二楚,就好比扫描的机器一般,可以得知你的近况,发生什么事情等之类的消息。我建议你可以当算命师了!由此可见,越文静的人,往往却是最危险的人。 Sherlyn – She is one of the members in the Gossip Group, her job is to collect the news and she can easily get through everyone details. No matter it is political, financial or entertainment news, she will know well, any wind could not escape from her sharp ears. Don’t getting cheat by her appearance, once you become her target, it will be too late, because she can seen through you by using her power! Haha… She can be the fortune teller in her part time job. It can be seen that the more the quiet person, the more the dangerous. Josephine –她可是在八卦团里的负责审问的那位,常常被她缠着的人,都会被她那种打破沙锅问到底的精神给彻底的打败。但唯一能克制她的人就只有本班的Li Fern了。此外,她和谁都沟通得来!无论男的女的都是他的囊中之物。她头脑简单,性格单纯的她,常令身边的人都很开心。而且她也是个人体广播器,只要有问题想问,但却害羞而不敢发问,找她就准没错了! Josephine - She's is one of the Gossip Group members who is responsible for interrogation. However, the only one who can restraint her is Li Fern. In addition, she can communicate to everyone easily even is boy or girl. She is simple-minded so she often brings the happiness to the person along her. She is the broadcast in our group, any question that you shy or afraid to ask, she will be your helpful partner! Christine –身位八卦团的团长夫人,最不八卦的是她了,但她总有种魅力,让成员们都会自动向她汇报消息。她性格糊涂,常常忘东忘西,这也证明她很健忘,然而她也是个很好的聆听者,因为往往你说的话,下一分钟,她就忘了。所以,有烦恼的人可以找她诉苦哦!但别期待她会给你任何的解决方法,因为她听过就忘了。她也是个护肤品/化妆品达人, 班上的女生总会问她,这个去哪买,那个去哪买,简直是活生生的广告牌,为化妆品店打广告。
Christine – Although she is the Mrs. Gossip, gossip will be least to her, but she has a kind of charisma that enables her members to automatically report the news to her. She often forgot this and that so she is a good listener because the moment you say, the next minute, she will forget it. Therefore, the one who having a trouble or feel upset can complain to her! But do not expect she will give you any solution, because after she heard she will forget. She is also a skin care / cosmetics promoter, many people always ask her where to buy this and where to buy that, she is a living billboard for advertising the cosmetics shops. Kok Eng –八卦团之首,率领着三位美女成员四处打探消息。爱发问问题的他,说出的每句话都是问号句结尾,常常问到人难以回答,真叫人受不了。在上FMA课时,常被Miss Lim Tan Chin说falling in LOVE in the ocean! 搞得他被人笑到面红耳赤。因为是本人写自己,所以不懂还有哪些可写,了解我的人,可以留言下来噢!^^  Kok Eng – He is the King of the Gossip, getting the latest news by three beautiful girls. He loves to ask question, every sentence that he spoke will end with a question mark, always having difficulty to answer him, really intolerable. In the FMA class, Miss Lim Tan Chin often said him falling in LOVE in the ocean! Always let many people laugh on it. Because of writing myself so I don’t know what should I write again, people who like to make any comment about me just leave your message here! ^ ^ 紧接着,出场的是本班的俊男团. Then, this is the Handsome Group in our class. Horace –体型壮硕,常常穿深色的衣服,衣服都是名牌货。但是他却是个害羞的男孩,在女生面前,显得较为被动,但是在男生眼里,却是一个好兄弟,可以一起打打闹闹的朋友。而且他的笑声很特别,远处都可以分辨得出他的笑声呢!据说,他暗恋着本班的某位美女,但他总是缺乏勇气,所以属于默默付出的类型。本人在此向大家担保,他绝对是个心地善良,频临绝种的好男人。 Horace – He has a muscular body, often wearing a dark-colored clothes, all clothes are branded. He is a shy boy, in front of the girls, he become more passive, but in the eyes of boys, he is a good brother, they can talk as much as possible together. His laugh sound is very special, can distinguish his laugh sound from a far distant! He likes one of the beautiful girls in our class, but he lack of courage. I would like to assure that he is definitely is a good-natured and a good man. Mok Wei Nam – 班里长得最高的男孩。SEM 1留着HAIR BAND头发的他,真叫人印像深刻。而且还被Miss Lim Tan Chin取了一个外号,叫Mok Mok或Hair Band Mok。 爱看美女的他,常常会和Wei Jie ,一同讨论美女。他还沉迷于有点像陈法拉的面孔的女生,但是自从4月起,他却很少机会看到她了。因此,本人想请认识那位女生的同学们,帮帮他吧!介绍我们的Mok Mok 给那位女生认识啊!
Mok Wei Nam – He is the highest boys in the class. SEM 1 he keeps a HAIR BAND hair style really impresses people. So Miss Lim Tan Chin was given a nickname called Mok Mok or Hair Band Mok to him. He likes to see beautiful girls and he often discuss the beautiful girls with Wei Jie. He also indulged in a girl who looks like Chen Fala, but since April, he has few chances to see her. Therefore, I want female students who know that girl, please introduce Mok Mok to her! Wei Jie –发型较为随兴,甚少打扮,而且很少在公众场合里发言,所以大家或许对他的身份不熟悉,但唯有彻底认识他的人,才会知道他到底有多疯狂。爱踢球的他,可是很好的守门员哦!几乎让对手束手无策。他和Mok Mok,Horace,Chor boon 感情很好,常常到宿舍找他们玩。
Wei Jie – He more “qing cai” with hair style or dressed up, and rarely speak in public, so you may not be familiar with his identity, but only those who know him thoroughly will know how crazy he was. He is a good goalkeeper! He and Mok Mok, Horace, Chor boon is in a good relationship, often went to hostel to find them play. Guan Gun – 问题学生之一,虽然是翘课王,但是他的运动了得。他也是本班的出名天王。Ms Leon眼中的AH QUN。Miss Lim Tan Chin眼中的CHAMPION。基于他甚少在班,所以对他,本人无法作太多的分析。在此多多包涵。
Guan Gun - one of the problem students, he is the King of Lepak, but he is good in sports. He is the well-known king in the group. Ms Leon called him AH QUN. Miss Lim Tan Chin called him CHAMPION. He rarely attend the class, so for him, I could not make too much analysis. Forgive me. 接下来的是,本班的国外生.
Then, this is the foreign student in our class who come from China. Ding Chao – 有着超哥之称的他,来自于中国-山东。头脑灵活,成绩一流,可是本班的超人呢!很多同学都会向他请教功课!也是老师眼中的勤劳学生!有了他,多数的课业难题都能被一一解决。他和本班的和善团感情很好,常常得到他们的关照,希望他会喜欢我们马来西亚人的旅游胜地以及各地的美食。这或许也是他最为珍贵的学习回忆吧!
Ding Chao – Having a name called super-brother come from China - Shandong. Good minded and good performance in the result is the superman in our class. Many students will seek advice from him and ask about the homework! He is a hard-working student! Because of him, most of the difficult tasks can be able to solve easily. He having a good relationship with our Good Corporation Group, often gets their attention, hoping that he will like Malaysia. Perhaps this would be a precious memories of learning for him! Amanda –中国生的她头发卷卷的,可是却给人一种日本风美眉的感觉!可爱的她,拍照都是个“耶”手势!声音很温柔的她,每次在班上,老师点名叫她回答问题时,总要重复说几遍才能听到她的声音呢!或许,她害怕说错了,被骂吧?不然就是对自己缺乏信心。还有当在远处看她时,还长得挺像八卦团的Sherlyn呢!只是她比Sherlyn高而已。她也同样得到和善团的热心款待,带她到各地游玩,希望她不会忘记大家一起学习的这段日子。 Amanda - China student in a curly hair, but it gives people a sense of Japanese style crush! She has a very gentle voice, each time in the class, when the teacher called her to answer questions she would need to repeat a few times! May be she has lack of confidence for answer it. When see her in a far distance, she look like Sherlyn. She just taller than Sherlyn. She also received the same hospitality from Good Corporation Group, we hope that she will never forget the day of learning together. 接着,是本班的少女组.
Then, is the Girl Group in our class. Siew Shan –有着本班可爱教主之称的她,长得像芭比娃娃,所有东西都以粉红和白为主!她热爱HELLO KITTY, 还收集了很 多HELLO KITTY的东西呢!可爱的她,可是人见人爱!车见车载!大家别看她很文静似的,凡是女生都是爱购物的,所以她也不例外。而且她也特别爱吃零食呢!常带着笑脸的她,可没看过她发脾气的样子呢!这种人最可怕了,因为当她发起脾气来,或许会一发不可收拾,把隐藏很久的怨恨,一次过爆发出来。所以,奉劝大家,如果您身边有这样不爱生气的朋友,最好别惹他或她生气噢!
Siew Shan – She is a cute leader, she looks like a Barbie doll and her things are mainly pink and white color! She love HELLO KITTY and has collected a lot of HELLO KITTY things! Although she was very quiet in the class but she love shopping. She also likes to eating snack! She often with a smiling face so she had no bad temper at all! But it could be said that this is most terrible, because when she was really in a bad temper, it will be scarier. Therefore, I would like to advise all of you, if you have this kind of friends around you, please don’t let them angry! Haha… Xiang Yin –许多人都对他的甜美名字印象深刻!老师最容易把她的名字记住了!心心相印嘛~而且,Ms Leon也特别爱点名叫她,因为Ms Leon说,她的名字和Ms Leon的女儿和丈夫的名字有共同点。在这里真替她觉得可怜。皮肤白里透红的她,可是挺亲切的!
Xiang Yin - Many people was impressed by her sweet name! Teachers are easy to remember her name especially Ms Leon. So she was so pity always called by Ms Leon. Her skin is rosy glow and she is very friendly! Cindy Chan –把直发烫成卷发的她,女人味十足!瘦小的她,还真的担心她被风吹走呢!我想你并不是在减肥而是吃不胖吧!不知让多少女生又爱又恨呢!她的英文很好,常常听见她用流利的英文,对老师发问呢! Cindy Chan – Straight hair changed into the curly hair, full of feminine! She is thin and small, I really worried her will blown away by the wind! I think you are the one who couldn’t fat even you eat a lot. Many girls wish them could be that also. Her English are excellence, often listen her speak fluent in English for asking the lecturer questions. Lay Ai –她有着一头乌黑的长直发,最适合洗发精广告了。无论风多大,都不会把她的头发给吹乱。头发柔顺的她,总是可以为她增添不少魅力呢!她是个勤劳的学生,功课很好,所以也有不少同学会请教她!由于她不懂得华语,所有我们都用英文和方言与她作进一步距离的接触!
Lay Ai - she has a long straight black hair, she can be the advertisement girl for promote the shampoo. No matter how strong the wind, also will not has a massy hair. This makes her more attractive and charming. She is a hard-working student, so many students will ask her about the homework! Because she did not know well about Chinese so all of us will use English and Hokkian to communicate with her. 接下来是想为大家介绍的是本班的独行侠. Followed by is the most lonely guy in our class. Lok Jia Yong –他最可怜了。孤军作战的他,常常被Ms Leon 羞辱,甚至劝他放弃考试!或许他不是从SEM 1就加入我们吧!所以在班上都没有人缘,而且他也不曾主动找其他的同学帮忙,导致成绩都让老师们感到万分无奈。甚至要求我们班上仅有的几位男生帮忙,一起教导他。但是为时已晚,所以在此只好祝福他,多多加油吧!
Lok Jia Yong – He is the most pity. He always alone and is often humiliated by Ms Leon, and even advised him to give up the examination! Perhaps he is not joining us from SEM 1! Therefore, he did not talk to us and did not take the initiative to getting help from other students, so his result always make teacher feel upset and disappointed. Even asked a few boys in our class to help and teach him but it seems too late, so I had no choice and will only wish him good luck in the exam that is coming soon!
Finally, this was the Inti lecturers, but because of too many of the lecturers had been teaching us before, so I only pick a few lecturers to introduce to you. Ms Leon –她可是个重量级的人物。不知是否因为她体型的关系?还是因为她的那颗痣,搞得同学们都畏惧她。传闻中,她是个爱骂人,很凶的老师,但其实如果自己没做错事,我想她都不会胡乱骂人的啊!所以,或许这些传闻都是那些做错事情的人,散播出来的吧!当她教书时,还会对我们有说有笑!她的教书能力一流!可是如果在她的考试里,考得太差,那就要有心理准备了。
Ms Leon - she had a heavy weight. I do not know whether it is because of the size of her body or because of her mole, many students are afraid of her. Hearsay, she like to scold people and is a very tough teacher, but if we did not do anything wrong, I think she will not simply scolding people! So, perhaps these rumors was came from the people who done the wrong things that spread it out! When she taught us, she will playing joke with us! She is good in teaching! But if, in her examination, the test was bad, we must be psychologically prepared. Lim Tan Chin –她从SEM 1就教我们了,可说是像我们的妈妈一样,无微不至的照顾我们!而如今到了SEM 4她还是一样的!耐心的教导我们!当我们爱睡时,她都会说出笑话逗我们笑,可算是个好老师!而且她也比较能融入我们的学生的圈子里。如果说Ms Leon是恶魔,那她就是属于天使的那方,因为她会站在学生的立场来想。如果Inti,多一些这样的老师,那就很完美了吧!
Lim Tan Chin - she taught us since SEM 1, can be said that she seems like our mother, in every possible way to take care of us! Now, SEM 4 just the same! She taught us patiently! When we falling sleep in her class, she would tell funny jokes to make us laugh, she is a good teacher! She also easily integrate into the circle of students. If Ms Leon is a devil, then she will be the angel since she would stand in the position of the students to think. If Inti will have more lecturers same as her, then it will be perfect! Chandra –他是我们的印度老师!由于皮肤黑,笑起来都有着洁白亮丽的牙齿!最为特出是他的头发,相信每个人都对他留出较长的一戳头发而感到好奇吧!还有他的说话方式,总是会漏风,因此搞得本人都听不懂,不懂大家也有这种感觉吗?他是个著名的迟到王,即使电脑室在三楼,而他的办公室也在三楼,但他总是姗姗来迟。老师啊!快改掉你的坏习惯吧! Chandra – He is our indian teacher! Because of his dark skin, his teeth look white when he laughed. The most outstanding is his hair, I believe that everyone was curious about his little long hair at the back! His manner of speaking, always will leak out, so I do not understand all the way, don’t know whether anyone having same feeling as me? He is a well-known coming late lecturer, even if the computer room on the third floor, and his office also at the third floor but he is still late. Teachers ah! Faster change your bad habits now! Tan Chee Keong –他最可爱和帅气了!他是我们的TAX 和LAW的老师!他热爱阅读,喜欢写日记,更喜欢喝茶!常常邀请同学去他的办公室和他喝茶,但碍于本人和他沟通语言的问题,不然我真的会去找他聊天呢!他每次都会说些课外的话题,来让我们更了解法律的存在。而且每个事件都很特别。虽然,他教TAX都没教我们如何计算,也许他的数学不好吧!但是有据话说得好,那些数学的存在都是因为有Theory的开始。在上课的最后一天,还把自己买的“魔术项链”拿出来秀给同学们看!还当场来了个魔术呢!好可爱哦!令所有同学都把目光转向他!
Tan Chee Keong - He is a lovely lecturer! He is our TAX and LAW teacher! He loves to read, writing diaries, more like to has a cup of tea! He often invites students to come to his office and has a cup of tea with him. He always said some extra-curricular to make us have a better understanding of the existence of the law and everything he said are very special cases. Although he did not taught us how to do TAX calculation but he said that to know how to do the calculation must understand the Theory first. In the last day of class, he bought his "magic necklaces" out to show the power to students! He also do some magic so that all students have turned to his eyes! p/s: Hope you all will like it~~Good Luck in the exam~~